Linear guides and tables


Royal Bearing(Singapore)Co.,ltd .is an Linear guides and tables trading company specialized Linear guides and tables and industrial machinery and equipment.
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To provide the best fit for all application demands in linear guidance, our range is composed of the following main components:

    Linear ball bearings
    Profile rail guides
    Precision rail guides

Combining these components with different drive systems creates a linear table range from non-driven tables up to complex driven positioning systems:

    Non-driven tables
    Driven tables
Linear guideways provide a type of linear motion that utilizes re-circulating rolling elements between a profiled rail and a bearing block. The coefficient of friction on a linear guideway is only 1/50 compared to a traditional slide and are able to take loads in all directions. With these features, a linear guideway can achieve high precision and greatly enhanced moving accuracy. Royal Singapore Bearing Corporation offers multiple linear guideway series and each series features different options for sizes, loading capabilities, accuracies, and more.