Super-precision bearings

Machine tools and other precision applications require superior bearing performance. Extended speed capability, a high degree of running accuracy, high system rigidity, low heat generation, as well as low noise and vibration levels are just some of the challenges.
Rolling bearings for general industrial applications can only partly fulfill these requirements. Therefore, SKF manufactures a comprehensive assortment of super-precision bearings.
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Super-precision bearings help original equipment manufacturers and end users to further optimize performance parameters of their equipment and applications. The benefits differ depending on the bearing series and applications but include high speed and load carrying ability, long bearing service life, long maintenance intervals and low energy consumption.
Typical applications for super-precision bearings are:
metal cutting and woodworking machinery spindles
other machine spindles (e.g. balancing machines)
high speed rolling mills,printing machinery,precision ball screws
live centres,high speed turbochargers,vacuum pumps,racing cars
boat gyrostabilizers,machine components for the semiconductor industry
Design Attributes
Tighter manufacturing specifications resulting in greater rotational accuracy.
Reduced tolerances on bore and outside diameter, creating improved performance in high speed, high temperature applications.
Straight race and/or roller profile designs (versus crowned profile designs) for increased accuracy and rigidity.
Controlled machining and assembly processes to ensure that components are matched properly and exact specifications are met.
High load-carrying capabilities so that bearing fatigue life is enhanced.
The ability to be adjusted during installation so that operating torque, shaft rigidity and operating temperature can be precisely controlled.

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